Golfing at Bonita

Bonita is cheap, flat, a little ugly, not too long, and somewhat forgiving.  It’s a great course for beginners or anyone who tends to lose a lot of balls off the tee.  The greens are challenging but not complicated, and they’re usually fairly well maintained.  The bunkers can be a little hard, but the fairway and rough are usually in good shape.  Given the price . . . there’s really no complaining.  It’s a very good value, just don’t expect perfection.

9/1/12: 86 (42/44) +15  Had a nice foursome today: Tanner, Jocelyn and Petra.  It’s Bonita in summer and most of us walked . . . good idea for exercise, bad idea for fun.  I had a 6 hole stretch where I was 1 under par . . . I guess that goes to show you how bad the other 12 holes were.  No issues with the course or pace of play.  Overall it was a nice day out on the links.

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